MAX’IS Creations awarded $10K Amazon Launchpad Innovation Grant!

Amazon is awarding 24 innovation grants during 2021 and MAX’IS Creations is extremely honored to be one of the first companies to receive the award. Here is Max in his own words:

"I was ecstatic when I learned we had been chosen to receive this marvelous grant that is going to change the path of my business.  The way Amazon is assisting small businesses at this difficult time just shows what Amazon is about. By collaborating with people who need the boost to trend upwards, Amazon is fulfilling the needs of small businesses who would otherwise struggle. The small business grant will allow me to prototype some new ideas and possibly expand my product line.  I also will be able to invest in advertising so that more people learn about my products and story. I am proud that every mug sold raises awareness for people who learn differently showing how bright students can use their learning differences for the better and inspiring teachers to teach in a way that those students can understand."


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